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The 3 best ice cream parlors in Rome · Gelateria and Gelati

There are ice cream parlors in Rome almost on every street corner and good ice cream is a staple in Rome. Read how to find a good ice cream parlor and find your way around our map of the best ice cream parlors.

How to find a good ice cream parlor in Rome

There are some signs that can tell you something about the quality of the ice cream parlor:

  1. If the ice cream is strong colored, it is chemistry. Natural products do not light up in signal colors.
  2. If a queue forms in front of an ice cream parlor, it is generally a good indication for quality.
  3. If you can look into the laboratory, you are usually on the safe side.

The Gotriptour Ranking


Otaleg is one of the brightest stars in the Roman ice cream parlor heaven.

In 2014 the ice cream parlor in Via dei Colli Portuensi was named the best gelateria in Italy and according to the Italian gourmet guide Gambero Rosso it is one of the three best ice cream parlors in the region. In 2018 it moved to Trastevere, in Via di San Cosimato 14a. At Otaleg you will find delicious creations with constantly new recipes such as bourbon vanilla with ginger or gorgonzola with chocolate and nuts.


Gelateria La Romana

Despite the name, the headquarters of “La Romana” are located in Rimini. They have chocolate fountains to cover the cone and then they fill up with excellent ice cream. Finally, you can choose between different tastes of whipped cream, like chocolate or Zabaione flavour.

In Rome, you will find three sales outlets of the Gelateria La Romana, in Via Ostiense 48, from the Pyramid towards San Paolo, in Via Cola di Rienzo 2, immediately after the bridge to Piazza del Popolo, and in Via XX Settembre 60 opposite Via Castelfidardo.


Pico Gelato

It was 2013 when Pico opened its first store in Largo XXI Aprile: today there are four ice cream parlors (the last one opened in 2020), all located in northern Rome, in mainly residential areas. This is because the goal of Gustavo Fabian Sosa, Argentine ice cream master, is to give back to the Romans the classic neighborhood ice cream parlor, with a healthy and genuine proposal, which changes with the seasonality of the ingredients. The flavors are divided into two sections: alongside evergreen such as Stracciatella, produced with 74% Ecuador chocolate flakes, we find seasonal or even limited edition proposals, such as Persimmon or Chestnut. A special mention is due to the Dulce de Leche, translated by Sosa into an ice cream flavor that truly recalls the flavor of a toffee. In Rome, you will find PICO near Piazza Bologna in Largo XXI Aprile, 1.